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Susana Homes

Susana Homes consists of the residential facilities in Nigeria that receive children from birth to teens, rescuing them from a situation of being orphaned, destitute, or some state of homelessness.

The majority of our efforts are for small children whose mothers have died during child birth and whose fathers are unable to supply the necessary supplement to care for them. There are also several other children who have been totally abandoned or orphaned, seriously ill, or in some way at risk. These children are also included in our program.The services provided for these children are food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, education and spiritual guidance. Each child’s needs are monitored on a daily basis, a secular education is provided, and each child attends church, prayers, and other spiritual activities on a regular basis.

A number of women also live at Susana Home, and they are provided with educations and basic skills training that will help them re-enter society with confidence, experience, knowledge and skills.

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    Right Steps is a 501(c)3 non-profit NGO providing human rescue and development services for the children and female population in Nigeria. Right Steps maintains a number of projects, the primary initiative being Susana Homes, which serves homeless mothers and orphaned children.
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